A S H L E Y  A U S T I N

Studded Eternity Hinge Bangle

Gold & Black Reverse
Gold & Black
Silver & Black Reverse
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Ashley's All Time Favorite!

If you were to ask me "what is the must-have bangle"- this would be the one! The signature studded bangle is the perfect bangle to #StartYourStack and it looks fabulous worn alone as well! I love this one so much I created it in so many color ways - the more you add the better the stack looks, your arms the limit as how high you can go!!!!

  • 14K gold & rhodium matte finish
  • Rhodium matte finish
  • Sterling silver core
  • Hand-set cubic zirconia stones
  • Hinge with clasp closure
  • Engraved with Freida Rothman insignia
  • allow additional 2-3 days for processing